5 Pillars of Activism

Pro-Life Future strives to create effective and well-rounded chapters that can fight abortion on multiple fronts. Since the inception of the Pro-Life Future Initiative, we have seen the impact that chapters have in their efforts to actively engage in all fronts of the pro-life movement. The most successful chapters are those who find balance in seeking to dialogue, confront, and support. The 5 Pillars of Pro-Life Activism represent a five-pronged approach to abolishing abortion in our lifetime by addressing abortion in our culture and promoting life-affirming values and options.


Abortion takes thousands of lives every day and is the greatest injustice of our time. Pro-Life activists understand this at the core of our beings, however, the culture at large does not. To convert hearts and minds for life, young professionals should strive to be well educated on the issue and bring their knowledge and compassion to others. The Educate Your Community pillar strives to make our peers and communities aware of the abortion crisis and recruit them to join our mission in confronting the crisis.

Event Ideas:
Hosting a Pro-Life Speaker
Attending SFLA National Pro-Life Summit
Host an SFLA Training
Host a Tour Display with Regional Coordinator


Throw an Event

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