Books On Abortion

Books On Abortion

Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime

Kristan Hawkins
176 pages (2013)

Everyday in America, pro-life students are ending abortion. The young people of this generation have survived abortion and have dedicated their lives to ending the greatest human rights tragedy our world has ever known. Yet, their stories, which are real and messy, won’t make the news headlines. However, they must be told. It will be their stories that inspire and encourage others to join with us to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture
Scott Klusendorf
256 pages (2009)

The Case for Life provides intellectual grounding for the pro-life convictions that most evangelicals hold. Author Scott Klusendorf first simplifies the debate: the sanctity of life is not a morally complex issue. It’s not about choice, privacy, or scientific progress. To the contrary, the debate turns on one key question: What is the unborn? From there readers learn how to engage the great bio-tech debate of the twenty-first century, how to answer objections persuasively, and what the role of the pro-life pastor should be.

Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Rights
Francis J. Beckwith
312 pages (2007)

Beckwith offers a respectful nonreligious case for why the prolife view of human life is correct, responding to the strongest pro-choice arguments found in law, science, philosophy, politics, and the media, including the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Questions
Randy Alcorn
455 pages (2000)

Real answers to real questions appear in logical and concise form.

Why Pro-Life: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers (Today’s Critical Concerns)
Randy Alcorn
144 pages (2004)

If pro-choicers are right, precious freedoms are in jeopardy. If pro-lifers are right, innocent children are being robbed of their most basic freedom—life. We need clear and credible answers to the central questions of the abortion debate. For those who have had abortions or are currently considering one, for pro-choicers and fence-straddlers alike, Why Pro-Life? provides answers to these questions in a concise, straightforward, and nonabrasive manner.

Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
Theresa Burke
332 pages (2002)

Dr. Burke exposes the obstacles in the way of post-abortion healing, reviews the full range and depth of post-abortion adjustment problems and how to resolve them.

Abortion: A Rational Look at An Emotional Issue
R.C. Sproul
233 pages (2010)

Dr. R.C. Sproul employs his unique perspective as a highly experienced pastor-theologian and a trained philosopher to provide well-considered and compassionate answers to the difficult abortion questions. Dr. Sproul considers both sides of this issue in terms of biblical teaching, civil law, and natural law.

Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line 
Abby Johnson
288 pages (2011)

Abby Johnson quit her job in October 2009. That simple act became a national news story because Abby was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas who, after participating in her first actual abortion procedure, walked across the road to join the Coalition for Life. Unplanned is a personal drama of life-and-death encounters, a courtroom battle, and spiritual transformation that speaks hope and compassion into the political controversy that surrounds this issue.

Three Approaches to Abortion
Peter Kreeft
133 pages (2002)

A thoughtful and compassionate guide to today’s most controversial issue. Without sounding “judgmental,” demolishes the pro-choice position.

Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood
George Grant
431 pages (1997)

Thoroughly researched, carefully written, and comprehensively documented, “Grand Illusions” is the single best-selling volume of all time on Planned Parenthood’s role in the controversial matters of abortion and sex education. Also read: “Killer Angel” by same author.

Lime 5: Exploited by Choice
Mark Crutcher
318 pages (1996)

This is a unique and uncensored expose’ of the American abortion industry. It fully documents that women are being sexually assaulted, mutilated, and killed inside perfectly legal abortion clinics. It also shows how pro-choice groups have used raw political power to fight off regulation of the abortion clinic business.

The Unaborted Socrates: The Dramatic Debate on Issues Surrounding Abortion
Peter Kreeft
155 pages (1983)

The greatest questioner of all-time returns to contemporary society to interrogate abortion debaters. Is abortion a woman’s right? When does human life begin? Should we legislate morality? What would happen if Socrates suddenly appeared in modern Athens? Peter Kreeft imagines the dialogue that might ensue with three worthy opponents–a doctor, a philosopher and a psychologist–about the arguments surrounding abortion. Kreeft uses Socratic technique to strip away the emotional issues and get to the heart of the rational objections to abortion. Logic joins humor as Socrates challenges the standard rhetoric and passion of the contemporary debate.

Their Blood Cries Out
Troy Newman
227 pages (2001)

President of Operation Rescue and adoptee Troy Newman wrote this book as a result of his years of work in the pro-life movement. The contents are a sum of the great teachings from the author’s pastors, leaders, collaborators and individuals who shared biblical insights with him.

A Child is Born
Lennart Nilsson
240 pages (2004)

Swedish photographer Nilsson presents a hundreds of pictures about the transmission of life, including many graphic color images of aborted children, and embryos in vivo.

Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion
Joseph Scheidler
350 pages (1994)

Scheidler, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League and former Benedictine monk, whom Pat Buchanan once called “the green beret of the pro-life movement,” explains 99 peaceful but effective ways to close down abortion clinics devised from his experience in the movement.

Dehumanizing the Vulnerable: When Word Games Take Lives
William Brennan
287 pages (2000)

Brennan shows how the same dehumanizing language has been used to justify not only abortion but all of the worst crimes against humanity.

Ending Abortion: Not Just Fighting It
Fr. Frank Pavone
223 pages (2006)

Fr. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, in one-hundred short essays defends and details the pro-life position.

Evangelium Vitae
Pope John Paul II
176 pages (1995)

Papal encyclical clarifying the Catholic Church’s position on the inviolability and value of human life—not only addressing abortion but euthanasia and capital punishment. Infallibly and irreversibly condemns murder, abortion, and euthanasia. Also read: “Humanae Vitae” by Pope Paul VI.

Stand Up Girl: Take Charge of Your Unexpected Pregnancy
Becky Fraser
172 pages (2006)

Becky Fraser was an unmarried college student who became pregnant. Using her experiences, she wrote this book to help women sort out their options and ask the important questions. But even more important, Fraser will help you overcome your fear, take control and move ahead, confident that you can stand up and handle the details of this very important time in your life.

You’re Not Alone: Healing Through God’s Grace After Abortion
Jennifer O’Neill
240 pages (2005)

Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, you probably agree on one thing: abortion hurts women, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, both sides are guilty of ignoring the individual in favor of the higher moral ground. This book is designed to help people heal from their abortions and put guilt, shame, fear, and doubt behind them.

O’Neill—actress, model, and national spokeswoman of Silent No More—draws on her own experiences with post-abortion syndrome to show women that Christ still loves them even if they have sinned; and that healing is possible.