Biking for Babies Missionary

Date Posted: September 19, 2022

Biking for Babies

Status: Volunteer



Part-time, 3-7 hours per week


Imagine a world where, by using your unique set of gifts, you can transform a culture that too easily throws away or discounts the dignity of life, and move to a culture that protects and celebrates all life, especially the most vulnerable. If you want to see a world like this, you may be called to become a Biking for Babies missionary.

Biking for Babies is a national pro-life 501-C3 nonprofit that combines cycling with the pro-life movement. The mission of Biking for Babies is to renew the culture of life one pedal stroke and one pregnancy resource center at a time. 

Role of a Missionary:

A Biking for Babies missionary is a young adult (aged 18-39) who will participate in Biking for Babies’ National Ride Program while maintaining their typical life and job responsibilities. The missionary commits to six months of extra-curricular formation from March through September (volunteer; not full-time or part-time), which includes but is not limited to training, fundraising, PRC partnership, and personal and spiritual development. The missionary’s particular role on the National Ride–rider or support crew–will determine specific responsibilities in the pre-National Ride portion of formation. All are expected to live out Biking for Babies’ mission and core values.

Our Core Values:

  1. Evangelize joyfully
  2. Unification with the Cross
  3. Reverence for the dignity of the human person

The National Ride:

The National Ride is a 6 day, 600 to 800 mile cycling event which serves as the culmination of the missionary experience. During this week, teams of Biking for Babies missionaries lay down 100+ miles each day for life as they witness to and sacrifice for the dignity of each human person. This is a transformative experience steeped in adventure, challenge, community, and radical joy. 

The 2023 National Ride is taking place July 9-16, 2023 – the cycling portion is from July 10-15.



Missionaries provide their own means to travel to the starting point of their route on the National Ride and back home from the Celebration of Life at the end of the National Ride. 

Biking for Babies’ Commitment to Missionaries:

Our hope is that missionaries’ participation in the Biking for Babies National Ride Program provides them a transformative experience with Christ at the center.  Missionaries get the chance to experience true joy and the value of sacrificial love, increase their knowledge of pregnancy resource centers and to actively advocate for them, and become a part of a community of like-minded young adults who often become close friends. The Biking for Babies Formation Program enables missionaries to share the beauty and gift of every human life, improves their prayer life, teaches them how to train and prepare for an intense athletic event, and gives them the opportunity to be a pro-life witness to family, friends and the world. 

Experience Needed:

For riders: athletic background and/or experience in training for athletic events preferred but not required.

State of Residence: 

Any. Missionaries live across the country. All Biking for Babies missionary formation and experiences are remote, except for the National Ride. In-person attendance on the National Ride is required.

For More Information:

View a more in-depth description of Biking for Babies Missionary commitments here. 

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Get a taste of what it is like to go on the National Ride as a support crew and a rider!


Aubrie Faust, Director of Missionary Formation at [email protected]

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