Center Director

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Status: Paid - Full Time


The Center Director has responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the center. This includes the training and management of all applicable volunteers & staff as well as the implementation of necessary programs to meet client needs.

Reports to: The Executive Director or, if no Executive Director, the board of directors

Supervises: All volunteers and staff not supervised by the Executive Director


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and sexual purity
  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith, and policies of the center
  4. Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in a human services field, or related experience equivalent
  5. Have one year of experience as a volunteer in some ministry capacity
  6. Have two years of experience in a human service profession in a position requiring management experience or equivalent
  7. Exhibit strong skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving
  8. Must have strong computer literacy in Microsoft Office or equivalent.
  9. Be able to provide leadership and support to the volunteers.
  10. Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.
  11. Biblical counseling experience, preferred.

Essential Functions:


  • Manage day-to-day operations of the organization & facility.
  • Make prayer an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the pregnancy center alongside the Executive Director.
  • Create, revise, and maintain operational policies and procedures necessary for consistent operation, with Executive Director approval.
  • Handle routine business calls that don’t require Executive Director assistance.
  • Interact with Executive Director to relate client or staff needs, progress of center, problems, goal-setting and implementation, and budget setting for Center operations.
  • Oversee the tracking of expenditures for budgeted expenses of center and purchase requests, as requested by the Executive Director.
  • Oversee the data entry and maintenance of client & donor information records.
  • Conduct written and oral evaluations of staff on a yearly basis, with Executive Director.
  • Oversee the yearly evaluations of volunteers.
  • Coordinate an annual appreciation event for staff and volunteers with the Executive
    • Director and a yearly calendar for training and other special events.
  • Conduct computer back-up every 2 weeks, clean up of computers.
  • Provide a bi-monthly prayer/praise report with Executive Director.
  • Oversee website, social media, & other online platform management.
  • Conduct monthly facilities check.

Public Relations/Donors

  1. Participate in fundraising events, as requested by Executive Director.
  2. Participate in meetings with other organizations related to the needs of clients, as requested by the Executive Director.
  3. Aid the Executive Director, as requested, in fundraiser planning & implementation.
  4. Assist the Executive Director, as requested, in marketing planning & implementation.

Client Services

  1. Create, implement, & maintain client programs and support services offered by the center.
  2. Provide client coaching and services for clients when staff or volunteers are not availableVolunteers
  1. Continually update & manage volunteer program.
    1. Create yearly goals & objectives for volunteer program.
    2. Maintain thorough understanding of volunteer program needs that will best assist center operations.
    3. Create and implement regular volunteer training for both new recruits and current volunteers.
  2. Coordinate scheduling and provide oversight of volunteers.
  3. Screen & interview potential volunteers for the organization.
  4. Maintain up to date volunteer records, training, and regular communication.

Experience Needed:  
Job Type: Other
State: Maine
Apply by Email: email [email protected]
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