EPS Reception Specialist

Essential Pregnancy Services

Status: Paid - Full Time


Position: EPS Reception Specialist
Center location: Benson and Bellevue Centers
Hours: 20-24 hours per 2wks. / 25-29 per 2 wks.
Tuesday 12:45 pm-5 pm Benson
Wednesday 10:45 am – 3 pm Benson
Thursday open to close 10:45 am-7:15 pm Bellevue
Friday open to close 7:45 am -2 pm Bellevue
Saturday – Every other 7:30 am -1 pm Bellevue
Hourly Rate: Commensurate with experience and qualifications

Position Purpose: Responsible for greeting clients, determining client-testing needs, and
scheduling clients appropriately. Assist with Ekyros database entry; develop Word Documents
and Excel spreadsheets as needed and general clerical assignments. Serve as a trained
Resource Advocate on a rotating schedule or when needed.

Nature and Scope of Accountability: Hired by and reports to Center Manager.


1. Receptionist for the Benson and Bellevue Centers

 Greet walk-in clients and schedule clients. Assess individual needs and prepares
them for nurse consultation, client advocacy or ultrasound scan.
 Answer phone when needed, schedules appointments and directs calls as
 Professionally and calmly, minister to abortion vulnerable and abortion minded
 Input data from Daily Client Log Book
 Maintains all Client Intake paperwork and Informational paper work in Lobby
 Maintains Beginning Essential orientation packets
 Maintains music and speakers for Lobby during open hours.
 Sends out text appointment reminders via Ekyros for the next business day for
Bellevue. Follows up with No Show texts for clients who missed appointments.
 Completes Quality Control Checks for daily appointment charts.
 Maintains Google Review Spreadsheet for clients giving permission for Google
Review link.
 Ensure outgoing mail delivery to the post office daily.
Responsible for miscellaneous duties as assigned by Center Manager

2. Additional Responsibilities

 Attend monthly staff meetings
 Attend monthly One-on-One meeting with Center Manager
 Maintain client confidentiality

 Commitment to the mission of EPS, awareness, and willingness to become familiar with
the agencies services.
 Ability to perform under high pressure and stressful situations.
 Provide loving, non-judgmental service and care to abortion vulnerable and minded
 Ability to manage multiple projects at one time.
 Excel in interpersonal skills as needed for a crisis environment
 Able to accept the direction of authority
 Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher). Computer literacy to
include PC and iPad.
 Excellent verbal communication skills to interact with clients in a professional manner in
person and on the phone.
 Attention to detail and follows policies and procedures.
 Team player and willing to assist with miscellaneous duties as assigned.
Reports to: Center Manager Suzie Lewandowski

Apply to: Center Manager Suzie Lewandowski at [email protected] .

Experience Needed:  
Job Type:
State: Nebraska
Apply by Email: [email protected]
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