Executive Director

Date Posted: July 15, 2021

Cincinnati Right to Life

Status: Paid - Full Time


Executive Director
The Cincinnati Right to Life Executive Director oversees the management and strategic direction
of the entire organization. The Executive Director leads all areas of focus for Cincinnati Right to
Life, which includes political support, public policy, grassroots activism, education, and
communication. This position reports directly to the President of the Board of Directors. In
addition to general management and strategic guidance, the Executive Director is also the
external face of the organization, representing Cincinnati Right to Life in multiple capacities
related to media, events, political efforts, etc. This position must be held by a pro-life individual
who is wholly committed to the mission of ending abortion and preventing euthanasia in
Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Credentials Required
• Bachelor’s degree or higher
• At least three years of successful management experience
• Demonstrated leadership ability
• Have alternatives to the above qualifications the Board of Directors may find

Skills Required
• Experience in working with a board of directors
• Demonstrated organizational capabilities
• Ability to create and execute strategic plans
• Proficiency in financial management, including budgeting and decision making
• Demonstrated ability to retain and manage a team of staff members
• Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently
• Ability to effectively communicate the organization’s mission to donors, volunteers and
the overall community through written communications and public speaking
• Ability to develop and cultivate relationships with others
• Be capable of effectively leading others and articulating clear direction and expectations

See a full job description here: https://files.constantcontact.com/e184dccb001/7bcf1ff2-07e2-4b00-bf51-1959aff27168.pdf

Send your resume to Meg DeBlase at [email protected]

Experience Needed:  
Job Type: Political
State: Ohio
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