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Executive Director

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Executive Director
JOB DESCRIPTION: Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life (IRTL) Reporting Responsibility – The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors (The President or assigned officer). The Board is responsible for establishing all policy positions of the organization and for communicating those policy positions to the Executive Director, who is then responsible for implementing those policy decisions.

Primary Focus of Executive Director:

Mission Statement – See mission statement at IRTL website! Successful execution of this mission statement is the primary focus of the Executive Director’s job.
Sole Purpose of Organization – Support and expand the pro-life movement. ⮚ Protect the lives of unborn babies by working to stop abortion. ⮚ Protect and support individuals who are facing end-of-life issues.
Steps to Accomplish Goals:
⮚ Community Outreach and Education – Inform and educate the general public on pro-life issues.

⮚ Legislative Actions – Work to support and improve pro-life laws, primarily in Iowa, but also help influence legislation on a national level when possible. When in session vacation time won’t be permitted unless there’s an emergency.

Program Operations – The Executive Director is responsible for managing and leading day-to day operations. Although many of those items may be delegated to others (i.e. employees or volunteers), the Executive Director is ultimately responsible for accurate and timely execution of all operational duties.

Develop and implement programs that further the organization’s mission and goals.
Oversee the accounting and bookkeeping operations of the organization.
Plan and/or assist in developing the organization’s monthly and annual budgets and various other financial reports.
Oversee the process of bringing on new employees and volunteers.
Manage all employees, volunteers and contractors.
Schedule and organize various meetings as necessary (Board meetings, weekly check-in with staff and Iowans for Life).
File all necessary reports on a timely basis to comply with state/federal legal requirements. A daily time sheet is necessary to meet these requirements.

Communications and Networking – The Executive Director is the primary spokesperson and face of the organization.

Handle media interviews and manage ongoing relationships with the media.
Develop and maintain relationships with community leaders, church leaders, political leaders, and other pro-life organizations, etc. both within the state and nationally. This includes, but is not limited to, working in cooperation and unity with the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders.
Deliver speeches throughout the state at program events, schools, churches and any other pro-life events where we have the opportunity to spread the pro-life mission.
Develop ongoing communications about current pro-life issues and actions of IRTL, which can be communicated to the Board, donors, supporters, etc. This includes traditional written communications, IRTL’s website, Facebook and any and all other social media tools that might be available and effective.
Act as lobbyist (and/or assist in the lobbying process) with the state legislature to help support and implement pro-life legislation. This includes both IRTL’s legislative priorities as well as any legislative priorities which IRTL may work on jointly with other pro-life organizations. Also requires staying current on federal laws and policies affecting pro
life issues.

Manage the branding, image and reputation of IRTL.
Development – The Executive Director is responsible for the ongoing development and growth of the organization.

Work with the Board of Directors to continue growing the fundraising program.
Schedule, plan and execute all aspects of the organization’s fundraising program.
Regularly communicate with donors to strengthen relationships and build a foundation for fundraising.
Develop and implement various fundraising efforts to raise the needed funds for the organization to meet its mission and goals. Fundraising efforts will be targeted to both existing donors as well as continually reaching out to develop new donors.
Conduct regular sit down, in-person meetings with IRTL’s top donors.
Continually meet with various individuals and groups of people to recruit them as volunteers, supporters and donors.
Job Requirements and Qualifications – An Executive Director will preferably meet many or most of these qualifications in order to be successful.

Bachelor’s degree or close equivalent.
Prior work experience, preferably in a leadership capacity, working in a non-profit and/or volunteer organization.
Demonstrated interest in the pro-life/pro-family movement.
Ability to manage multiple projects on a simultaneous basis.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to make presentations to both small and large groups of people.
Attention to detail in reviewing complex information.
Self-starter and have a high-energy personality.
Work with minimal direct supervision, yet be able to operate on a basis of transparency and accountability back to the Board of Directors.
Innovative and creative mind to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to programs, events, etc.
Interest in the political process, legislative and policy issues at both the state and federal levels.
Identify and coordinate with pro-life candidates for Iowa legislative offices. Develop a get-out-the-vote plan, mobilize volunteers and take all other appropriate and needed actions to help get/keep these pro-life legislators in office.
Familiar with Midwestern culture and values.
Able to pass a general background check.
If interested please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Experience Needed:  
Job Type: Executive
State: Iowa
Apply by Email: [email protected]
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