Choices Women’s Clinic

Status: Paid - Full Time


TITLE: Nurse

HOURS PER WEEK: Part Time (Minimum 2-3 days weekly) or Full Time

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Hourly Non-Exempt Employee

BENEFITS: Set forth in the Employee Handbook

Nurse Manager

90 days and annually in January

The Nurse is responsible for assisting the Nurse Manager in implementation and oversight of best practices, overseeing the daily operations of the medical clinic including management of Medical Staff, and Medical Volunteers, as well as provides patient care including ultrasound.

• A commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior with a passion and heart to work in LIFE ministry.
• Active member of a Bible-believing church with consistent participation in growth opportunities.
• Full agreement with Choices Women’s Clinic Mission, Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, and policies and procedures of the clinic.
• Holds a current medical license for RN in the state of FL.
• Has a bachelor or master’s degree in nursing.
• Preferable experience in OB/GYN nursing or high knowledge base.
• Has been actively working as a paid professional in the field.
• Dependable, stable, and capable of following through on commitments.
• Willingness, ability and confidence to follow medical policies and procedures.
• Excellent computer skills.
• Multi-Tasking abilities and flexibility.
• Self-Motivated and can work independently.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• People and patient skills including social graces, communication, language, and friendliness.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Highly professional and maintains office professionalism / best practices at all times.
• Maintains a positive attitude and works well within a team.

Patient Care
• Provide patient care as the role model for best practices and effective ministry:
Patient education, Pregnancy testing and results, Limited ultrasound, and STI testing and results.
• Knowledgeable in-patient resources and referrals for quality patient care.
• Take medical history and chart accordingly.
• Educate patient about abortion risks and procedures, fetal development, and STI/STD.
• Provide limited diagnostic ultrasound exams to medical standards of care when needed.
• Follow procedures for timely patient follow-up.
• Maintain professionalism at all times when interacting with patients.

Medical Services Operations and Management
• Review and complete patient files by the end of the day.
• Maintain relationship and communication when necessary with Nurse Manager, Medical Director and Dr. reading scans as needed.
• Assist the Nurse Manager as needed in the development and implementation of new and relevant medical services.

• Emergency calls: refer to a local hospital emergency room, her physician and/or advise to call 911.
• Medical emergency on-site: follow procedures for medical emergencies.

Continuing Education
• Availability to attend a Nurse’s Training to become licensed and proficient in limited diagnostic ultrasound exams within the first 4 months and a 1 year commitment to the position.
• Comply with state and professional licensing and continuing education requirements.
• Annual renewal of BLS CPR Certification.
• Ongoing self-education of current abortion procedures and risks.
• Education webinars or training as recommended by the Nurse Manager.

Public Relations
• Attend and fully participate in the special events of the ministry: Walk (Spring) and Banquet (Fall).
• Willingness to consider giving and promoting the ministry initiatives for funding the ministry.

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State: Florida
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