Regional Coordinator

Students for Life of America

Status: Paid - Full Time


SFLA Regional Coordinators develop and improve the effectiveness of SFLA by working with pro-life campus groups and encouraging student participation in the pro-life movement. A Regional Coordinator’s work includes, but is not limited to, developing new campus groups, improving existing groups, capturing pro-life student contacts, and encouraging student involvement in all 5 Pillars: Effective Education, Industry Impact, Public Policy, Rapid Response, and Supportive Services. We are looking for someone with campus pro-life experience, a passion for abolishing abortion, and excellent leadership skills.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to both Reagan Barklage [email protected] and Michele Hendrickson at [email protected]

Experience Needed:   The full-time position requires a minimum of an Associate’s Degree, but a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.
Job Type: Other
State: Any or Variable
Apply by Email: To apply, send your resume and cover letter to Michele Hendrickson at [email protected] or Reagan Barklage at [email protected] more information.
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