The team at Students for Life of America is assembling pro-life activists to launch the multi-faceted Pro-Life Future (PLF) Campaign in 19 select cities.

In Chicago, our goal is to directly reduce the abortion rate by increasing awareness of non-violent abortion alternatives, decreasing support of the predatory abortion industry, and changing hearts and minds about abortion. Here’s the plan to unify pro-life advocates in Chicago...

  • Alert the community about the dangers of the abortion industry by... Knocking on our neighbors’ doors
  • Compassionately inform real women in crisis that they have other options by... Engaging in sidewalk advocacy
  • Mobilize people of faith to take action in defense of the preborn by... Empowering our local churches
  • Equip pro-life advocates in Chicago to speak up against abortion by... Organizing community events

Sign up today to get involved with the Pro-Life Future Campaign in Chicago! If you’re closely affiliated with a church, check out our church partnership program.

Calendar of Events

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Abortion Climate

Current Legislation

The abortion laws in every state are different. Explore below to check out the laws specific to Illinois.

How late in pregnancy are abortions committed?

Abortions are committed throughout all 9 months of pregnancy.

In order to get an abortion, do minors have to notify parents and/or receive consent?

Yes, parental notification is required; no, parental consent is not required.

Is there a waiting period prior to having an abortion?

No, no waiting period is required before having an abortion.

Are there insurance restrictions/does insurance cover abortion?

If a health insurance policy covers pregnancy-related care, then it must also cover the costs of abortion.

Are you allowed to pray outside of abortion facilities?

Yes, you are allowed to pray outside of abortion facilities as long as you maintain the required buffer distance.

How close can pro-life activists get to abortion facilities?

There is an 8-foot buffer zone within 50 feet of abortion facilities.

LEARN ABOUT abortion facilities in the chicagoland area

Abortion is America's dirtiest business - and Chicago is no exception. Explore below to see your local abortion facilities' dirty secrets, which range anywhere from opening in secret to unhygienic practices and patients harmed or killed (and everything in between).


Find pregnancy and parenting RESOURCES in Illinois

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Our Team on the Ground


Sarah Minnich

Sarah Minnich is the Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America. As such, she serves pro-life students in Illinois & Iowa. During college, she co-founded Saint Xavier University Students for Life and helped to implement the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, organize speaking events, and host the They Feel Pain Tour.  In addition, Sarah is involved in fundraising for the Women’s Center in Chicago and Saint Michael’s Charity - both of which focus on aiding mothers and families in need. She is passionately committed to changing hearts and minds on the issue of abortion by opening dialogue and building relationships.

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David Cordaro

David Cordaro grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University after studying Architecture. David became involved in the pro-life movement when tasked with leading the pro-life group at his middle school. During high school and college, he became extremely passionate and outspoken about abortion. After graduation, David accepted a position with Students for Life as the Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator (IL/IA), where he worked with over 70 pro-life student groups across two states.

David currently resides in Chicago and now serves as Students for Life's Director of Communications.


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