The Pro-Life Future (PLF) Campaign is a first-of-its-kind, multi-faceted approach to solving the issue of abortion. We know that abortion is a complicated issue that involves many social sub-issues. So, instead of a national campaign that focuses on a singular sub-issue, the team at Students for Life of America is seeking community partners to launch campaigns in Dallas to target every sub-issue in order to eradicate abortion in your city.

Our goal is to directly reduce the abortion rate by increasing awareness of non-violent abortion alternatives, decreasing support of the abortion industry, and changing hearts and minds about abortion in Dallas.

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Abortion Climate

Current Legislation

The abortion laws in every state are different. Explore below to check out the laws specific to Dallas.

How late in pregnancy are abortions committed?

Abortions are committed up until 20 weeks with exceptions for the mother's life and fetal anomalies.

In order to get an abortion, do minors have to notify parents and/or receive consent?

Yes, parental notification is required; yes, parental consent is required.

Is there a waiting period prior to having an abortion?

Yes, there is a 24 hour waiting period required before having an abortion.

Are there insurance restrictions/does insurance cover abortion?

Insurance covers abortion in cases of life endangerment or compromised health.

Are you allowed to pray outside of abortion facilities?

Yes, you are allowed to pray outside of abortion facilities.

How close can pro-life activists get to abortion facilities?

There are no restrictions on how close pro-life activists can get to abortion facilities.

Learn about dallas abortion facilities

Abortion is America's dirtiest business - and Dallas is no exception. Explore below to see your local abortion facilities' dirty secrets, which range anywhere from failure to report sex trafficking to unhygienic practices and patients harmed (and everything in between).


Find pregnancy and parenting RESOURCES in your state

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Our Team on the Ground

Sarah Zarr

Sarah’s calling began in the womb when doctors pressured her mother to abort her due to maternal health risks. Her mother refused. This made Sarah want to come alongside women who are pressured into abortion and let them know there’s support, resources, and solutions out there even in hard circumstances. 

After Sarah learned the heartbreaking reality of abortion, Sarah started to use her influence and platforms of leadership in college. It was then she realized she needed to go from silence about abortion to speaking up courageously and compassionately. Sarah currently resides in Austin, Texas and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life's Texas and Southern Regional Manager.

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Victoria Avelar grew up in Frisco, Texas and is currently a senior at Texas A&M University studying Public Health.

During her first semester of college, Victoria faced an unplanned pregnancy and chose life for her daughter. It was through receiving support from the pro-life movement and her local church in College Station that she felt empowered to be a young mother and student. After her daughter was born, Victoria became passionate about helping women who are facing unplanned pregnancies and being a voice for preborn children.

Victoria returned to campus at the start of her junior year of college and knew she wanted to get involved with her pro-life club on campus. She currently serves as the Vice President of Pro-Life Aggies and Vice President of the Aggie Pregnant and Parenting Student Organization.

Victoria currently resides in College Station, Texas and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life's Texas Regional Intern. This work includes assisting the Regional Manager by maintaining and improving SFLA groups, campus and community outreach, and researching special projects.

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